The Walking Code-Sexually Charged Like a Super Magnet

The next time a woman catches your eye, take notice of how much her movement has to do with it.

A sexy woman’s hips sway and her legs flow when she walks, causing every man’s head to turn. You’re compelled to notice her without even thinking about it…and your eyes are locked onto her.

Boom your primal instincts are triggered, even if she’s not the most beautiful woman in the room.

Meanwhile, there are also beautiful women who do nothing for you sexually, all because their bodies don’t move well. For example, a woman who plods along or is hunched over ruins everything for herself.

Women who walk like a man are even less attractive. But women with that smooth, fluid, almost feline hip motion make us want them, don’t they?

But here’s the most shocking part of all. Women respond even more powerfully to how we move that we respond to how they move.

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Think of it as the ultimate first impression. A woman will notice how you move and make an instant, unconscious assessment of your sexual attractiveness based on that alone.The tragic part is that most men never stand a chance. They’ve been rejected before they ever even talk to her.

Why Women care more about how you move than what you say

What exactly you’ve suspected all along applies: attraction is hard-wired into a woman’s senses. She responds sexually into a man who sends each of the right messages…projecting the remarkable aura of raw, distinguished masculinity.

What’s astonishing would be the most powerful signals you possibly can send are completely non-verbal. You oughtn’t to be a smooth talker, having each of the right words at the suitable time.

Everything a woman wants & needs to know is sub-communicated by how you move.

Most men spend countless hours working on how to approach women & what to say to them, but the die has been cast as soon as you walk into the room.

The fact is that most guys are aggravating, lack presence and ooze self-deprecation. Meanwhile, the power of the man who moves which includes a certain dignity and confidence are not to be underestimated.

Attraction love

Hollywood leading men always purchase the girl. They move which includes a precise rhythm, dictating plus controlling the vibe. Take into consideration how smooth James Rapport is. It comes out of as natural, but there’s little doubt about it: it’s purposive all the way. And it’s an art and craft you absolutely can acquire.

A woman’s attraction mechanism–and all her urges that go with it–run automatically. At first, that may sound complicated and mysterious, perhaps even overwhelming.

The Walking Code conquers the science of attraction and converts it too fast, easy, “done for you” exercises that re-wire your musculoskeletal system from the inside out.

Transform how you move and you’re instantly more attractive to women. It’s in how you walk. How you enter a room. How you own that room.

100% automatic attraction system

Best of all, there’s nothing to learn and nothing to memorize. The Walking Code sets your physique on auto-pilot, switching on your most authentically attractive self without you ever having to think about it.


Getting Women To Notice You And Approach You First Is Incredible…But There Are Even More Life-Changing Benefits

Do you suffer from pain in the lower back? Are your knees feeling “old”?

Guess what? Even though doctors often try to treat lower back and knee issues directly, the real problem is almost always in the hips.

Even your “beer belly” may have more to do with your hips than you think.

And worst of all…when your hips are restricted, blood flow is restricted in that area. That’s a major reason why so many men experience the humiliation of erectile dysfunction, even at a young age. Sexual sensitivity and stamina are even affected.

Amazingly, it isn’t that you’re getting old before your time. It’s that your physique needs regular maintenance, just like any other well-oiled machine.

Look at sitting the enemy for you to both your physical health insurance and sexual attraction. Sitting a lock up your hips, strains your natural alignment and in many cases trains your back for you to push your belly out and about unnaturally.

Second, the strength training you’re undertaking at the gym can be pulling your body beyond alignment.

Sure, you’re receiving bigger and stronger, though the constant series of recurring, isolated movements is likely causing your present physical symmetry to get rid of whack.

Since symmetry is often a major linchpin of substance, sexually attractive movement, you’ll be able to understand the collateral damage that may be done.

And the clincher? If you’re consciously looking to straighten your posture, shift your shoulders back or walk which has a “swagger”, all you’re doing can be camouflaging the deeper problem…and girls detect that inauthenticity in a very heartbeat.

Get full access today…success is 100% guaranteed.

Once you order The Walking Code you’ll get full and unrestricted access to the wealth of videos and other course materials. It’s all found in a password protected, state-of-the-art Member’s Portal.

Plus, just like all other X & Y Communications programs The Walking Code is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee for a full 60 days. If it doesn’t work for you, you don’t pay. It’s that simple.

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